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Happiness is ...

 a labour of love, a dignified livelihood

Our Mission

Vision and Commitment

Transforming the World Together

Participate, Volunteer and Contribute

India NoseLove

Happiness Movement

India NoseLove (INL), was a dream by a couple of MeDiClowns and a small group of like-minded individuals in Auroville, the City for Human Unity endorsed by UNESCO.  They wanted to share healing and happiness through laughter, love and joy, bridge the gap between poverty and privilege, create jobs and empower rural women, youth and men while transforming India.  That was six years ago. 


Today, over 120,000 people across India of all ages, backgrounds and all walks of life: from children in hospitals to stressed out corporates to students to sports teams to prisoners and self-help groups are opening up and feeling the healing power of love and laughter. 


Hand-crafted with love, with joy and happiness of the clown, we created eco-friendly clown noses, NoseLoves, using natural palmyra seeds, “nungus” plentiful in the forest. The humble Nungu, became our accessory of change.


NoseLove is a symbol of Unity, Love, Peace and Joy, it belongs to no one, is for everyone and is in everyone.  It brings out the youth that never ages.  It bridges the past with the future.

In antiquitythe komali, clown, trickster, shaman, fool, jester, komali, joker has existed in all cultures. India is steeped in a deep spiritual reverence for life. The clown,  Vikakatavi, has the ability to laugh at the ridiculousness of life and reveal what is truly behind the mask be it love, life …. loss.

When the most privileged 

person can look deeply into the eyes of a beggar on the street, and the beggar on the street can look deeply into the eyes of the of most privileged; and together they can see only oneness in love, hope, joy, beauty and grace – then the deepest healing will take place and we will transform individually and collectively.  The clown is divinely inspired and can facilitate this.


This delightful trickster and innocent wise one, is a direct connection to that which is Divine, and shares gentle kindness to what is profound and mundane.


India with the largest and most youthful population in the world dipped to an all-time low of 144th of 156 countries surveyed according to the UN’s 2020 Happiness Report. Now, more than ever, with the ongoing pandemic, there is a need to address holistic wellness, with healing therapies that cater to the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of the young and old. 


Using wisdom of ancient India to the best of modern-day healing methods, we employ several tools, methods and means gleaned these  to address the root cause of stress and pain practically and methodically.


For the people, by the people, we address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 6 indicators for Happiness, systematically creating a global movement. The India NoseLove Happiness Movement is a seamless partnership of multiple stakeholders, public, private, governmental, and NGOs with one common vision - a Healthy, Happy India for All.

India NoseLove Happiness Movement

aims to

  • Create dignified sustainable livelihoods by training: 

    • 5000+ women and employed in unhealthy livelihoods such as rolling beedi cigarettes

    • 500+ women and youth to be Happiness Ambassadors and trainers

  • Raise the Happiness Index by bringing in the joy of life and living into the very young, our elders and everyone in-between by awareness and capacity building programs

  • Transform educational institutions, healthcare, businesses and corporations 

  • Reach out to Indians everywhere; showing the world that India cares deeply for her people  


  • Bridge the gap between poverty and privilege 


  • Create and distribute:       

    • 75 lakh NoseLoves by August 15, 2022 India’s 75th Anniversary of Independence and Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary

    • 150 million NoseLoves by 2030, the UN’s target for the realization of the SDG’s – where No one is left behind


Be a Philanthropist

"a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others,

especially by the generous donation of money to good causes"

  • Feel the joy of doing good 

  • Launch a global movement with impact for the people by the people

  • Transform the lives of rural women and youth 

  • Show the women you care by supporting basic human dignity, safe sustainable work, education for  their children, and increase their wellness and happiness quotient

  • Enjoy the benefits of a tax-deductible receipt 

  • Be the change! 


Dare to dream of world where no one is left behind.

Every  drop - Rupee, Dollar, Euro, Yen ... counts!

Empower Our
Women and Youth





Our Happy Partners

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